Cross contamination is an issue a customer considers before joining.

EVO8 Protective Shield Germ-Free Certification will:

  • Bring in new members/students.

  • Create a safer environment for your members/students.

  • Enhance your image.

  • Market your business as a Germ-Free location.

  • Reduce the cost of labor and chemicals.  Current methods are temporary solutions which utilize harsh and harmful chemicals.

  • Put members'/students' minds at ease. It is a powerful marketing tool

Gyms, martial arts or yoga studios currently use harsh & harmful chemicals to clean.  Be proactive.  Our protective shield will help protect your members from cross contamination around the clock 24/7.

Our all green process, EVO8 Protective Shield, creates a molecular bond with all surfaces that will continuously battle germs, mold, mildew, allergens and odor causing bacteria from returning 24/7.

We utilize the defensive method of a protective shield, rather than the temporary offensive techniques which are available on the market today. Marketing is costly. Invest in a definite return.


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