Make your customers feel safer eating indoors.

No matter how well you clean or how often,
cross-contamination is an issue.

Be proactive. EVO8 Protective Shield will continuously combat cross-contamination issues 24/7.

Current methods are temporary and use harsh & harmful chemicals to clean. 

EVO8 Protective Shield is an all green process that continuously battles germs, mold, mildew, allergens, and odor-causing bacteria on all applied surfaces from returning.

EVO8 Protective Shield Germ-Free Certification will:

  • Make diners feel comfortable eating indoors.

  • Create a safer environment for your customers and your staff.

  • Bring in new customers.

  • Market your restaurant as a Germ-Free location.

  • Reduce the cost of labor and chemicals.  Current methods are temporary solutions that utilize harsh and harmful chemicals.